Protect your investment

    Let's face it, hunting deer can get expensive. Whether you bagged a trophy or something a little smaller we want you to get the best bang for your Buck! Before bringing your deer to us for processing, there are a few tips we would like you to remember to maximize the amount and quality of meat returned.

A Quality Field Dressing

   Removing the blood, bacteria and heat from your deer are the first steps needed  after taking your deer.
   Everyone has there own technique in field dressing, but the quicker your able to eviscerate your deer carefully and completely the better the meat will be by bleeding out all the way. This also helps remove heat from the carcass and bacteria ridden entrails.                              Taking care not to puncture the paunch, bladder, intestines, and colon remove these entrails and all organs without contaminating the body cavity           Carrying a ziplock bag is handy to save the heart and liver at this time. You can also cutout the interior tenderloins for a real treat if the carcass won't be processed for 24 hrs.
    Prop a clean stick between the rib cage to hold the cavity open so the carcass can air cool. As an added bonus you have lightened your load about 25% for the trip out of the woods.
   If cavity has been contaminated by gut shot when able wash cavity out with water and trim away any unusable sections.

Keeping it Cool

   Depending on the temperature outside when hunting relates directly to the measures needed to keep the carcass cooled till processed.

   Sometimes it may be necessary to pack the cavity with ice, frozen plastic milk jugs work great for this. For the most part usually hanging it in a garage with cool days and cooler nights to air cool is sufficient.

    Heat is an enemy to your deer and will cause it to spoil quickly, so keep your cool!

Hide On Hide Off

   If you plan on bringing your carcass deer to us for processing we request that you leave the hide ON!

   The hide protects the meat from bacteria, dust and dirt contamination, keeps the meat from drying out and turning to leather which needs to be trimmed away.

   We have the facility, tools and plenty of water to remove the hide and clean the carcass of leaves, dirt fecal matter and all that hair so loss from trimming away contaminated meat is minimized.

Too Small?

  If that deer looked much larger in the woods, but it's not big enough for a proper yield. Maybe you got a big gamey buck and your looking for a more tender morsel. You can donate that deer to the "Help Us Stamp Out Hunger" Program, or H.U.S.H.

This is a great program to help feed our hungry and the need is as great as ever.

Proud participating locker helping Stamp out Hunger!